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The Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington is a Washington, DC defense law firm representing clients in personal injury, family – divorce, custody, and support – and complex criminal and civil litigation matters. We are attorneys engaged in defending, safeguarding and championing the rights and causes of individuals in the Washington, DC and Maryland area.

Serving the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

When you need experienced trial attorneys in court, you can rely on DC Lawyer, K. Lawson Wellington and Company to provide the sound representation, guidance and counsel you need. Clients throughout the Washington, DC area have relied on our experience and knowledge since 1996.

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Every case is different. Each client we talk to has been through a different set of facts and circumstances that resulted in them being arrested or facing a criminal charge. As such, when asked what is the best defense strategy for a particular case versus another, our response is, “It’s impossible to say without knowing all the facts.” What we say is: “It’s better to call us right away, rather than right before your hearing is scheduled or imminent.”


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