Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic Exercises include Range of Motion, Strengthening, Aerobic Exercises, and Stretching. 

  • Range of Motion (ROM) exercises are utilized in physical therapy in order to regain normal motion, maintain available motion to prevent joint stiffness, and facilitate healing of tissues. ROM may be done passively by the therapy, active-assistive by both the patient and therapist, or actively by the patient.
  • Strengthening Exercises are also known as resistance exercises. It is an appropriate therapeutic intervention that can help improved the integrated use of strength, power and endurance during a functional activity. It can also help in reducing the risk of injury and re-injury, as well as improve physical performance. 
  • Aerobic Exercise Training or Conditioning is the enhancement of the muscles ability to use energy by means of an exercise regimen. This is related to endurance training, which is the ability to work for prolonged periods of time and also the ability to resist fatigue.
  • Stretching or Flexibility Training is the therapeutic intervention designed to improve mobility of soft tissues and subsequently improve ROM by elongating these structures that has tightened.


At AAA Physical Therapy, we utilize these techniques as part of a holistic treatment in order to achieve your goals and return you to the activities that you love to do.