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Geriatric Physical Therapy / Senior Rehabilitation – AAA Physical Therapy is a leader and one of the best physical therapists for your ageing parents and grandparents located in Columbia, Howard County, MD! If you are looking for a Movement Specialist for the elderly “near me” in Ellicott City or Elkridge, please call 443.979.7171 or email us at !

Geriatric Rehabilitation

(Physical Therapy for Seniors or Elderly who are over 65 years old)

Fall-Risk / Balance Issue / Pain Management / Pre-Surgery / Post-Operation PT for Seniors

(Healthy Aging for Older Adults / Seniors / Elderly with Physical Therapy*)

Do you want to know how physical therapy or physiotherapy can help you and your loved ones to age graciously?

Do you want to know the best or top physical therapy services for seniors or geriatric rehabilitation in and near Columbia, Howard County, MD?

Are you enjoying retirement but could not fully maximize it due to mobility concerns?

Have you experienced a fall or have a fear of falling or concerned about losing your balance? Do you think you will benefit from a fall-risk-assessment?

Are you at an advanced age and yet want to continue to be as physically active as possible like how you were years ago?

Do you know that one of three people over 65 years old will fall each year and that for people over 85 years old, half of them will fall each year?

Do you know that falls can lead to other complications? Such as broken bones or joints which will lead to more costly hospital visits and possibly lose independence and can even lead to death?


Here are 13 commendable sites about geriatric rehabilitation / Physical therapy for seniors!

Have you had post-operation recently or from years back on your knees, hips, shoulders or any other joint replacement?

Do you plan to have an operation with your shoulders, hips, knees, or any other body part and determine if physical therapy could help you first?

Are you concerned for your aging parents or grandparents in terms of their physical activity and safety?

Are you an older adult suffering from pain, discomfort, or balance issues?

Do you need a guide for your exercises and daily activities?

Are you using a walker or cane and do you think you are using them properly?

Which one do you think is more important to you, prevention or undergo an operation?

Do you think you are walking normally or you may have some gait issues?

Overall, do you want to continue to have a great quality of life as you age?

Common Physiotherapy Conditions Treated for the "Elderly", "Seniors", or Aging Population:

  • Arthritis
  • Falls and Balance Problems
  • Cardiopulmonary Disease

Common Physical Therapy Treatments Applied:

  • Balance and Gait Training
  • Safety Evaluation, Education, and Training
  • Therapeutic Exercises

Turn back the clock with us with our experienced physical therapists at AAA Physical Therapy who are experienced in geriatric rehabilitation. Find ways to maintain physical vitality, independence, and functionality with our personalized rehabilitation programs and treatment. Achieve the goals that you want to attain and enjoy based on all of what you have worked for all your life!

There are so many reasons on how physical therapy could benefit aging adults and one of them is prevention of having any type of injury. Through physical therapy, you get to improve your overall activity level and confidence with movement.

This could lead to lower levels of infection that could cause pneumonia, skin problems, ulcers, and other medical complications especially after a hospital visit. Also, if you continue to move and remain active in a safe way, this also lessens stiffness and pain!

Another advantage of undergoing physical therapy for prevention is to avoid falls and to remain confident while walking and even jogging or running! 

Your dedicated physical therapist could provide you exercise education and options to build your balance as you sit, stand up, walk, jog, run and move about! 

If you want to know more about arthritis and who could help you with your problem. Please visit as AAA Physical Therapy is one of the resources in working with this condition here in Columbia, MD. Do you need pain management due to arthritis, you need to continue to move in a safe manner as joints get to become stiff without movement

If you do plan to have a joint replacement, see how physical therapy would help you first to either avoid the joint replacement to begin with. At least to be prepared as much as possible if indeed that is the only way to deal with pain and limited movement! Always have a second opinion on your medical situation especially before having a surgery.


Your highly ranked  physical therapists  in Columbia, Howard County, MD. AAA Physical Therapy is one of the leaders in helping you maintain and improve your balance to avoid risk-falls with the geriatric population.

If you are looking for movement specialists with great reviews for your ageing parents or grandparents “near me”, please call 443.979.7171 or email us at

If you do plan to have a surgery for a joint replacement. A pre-operation rehabilitation program yields possible multiple benefits! Research for doing rehabilitation pre-surgery indicates that a patient’s hospital stay and long-term inpatient rehabilitation (which are very costly) may be reduced.

Definitely, for post-operation whether it is immediate or done before. Your rehabilitation specialists are here to help you get your health and vitality back! 

Remember, an “ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” so overall, even if you are above 50 years old. AAA Physical Therapy is here to help you maintain your independence and maintain a good quality of life all the way to your twilight years! 

In addition, whether you are working with your primary care physician, orthopedist, or any other specialist. Compassionate physiotherapists will collaborate with them in order to provide you the best possible health services as much as possible!


Overall, remember, as we all age accordingly; AAA Physical Therapy is here to help you in your journey. Always choose physical therapy as your first choice to have a great quality of life as much as possible. Regarding pain management, pre- or post-surgery, maintain independence, and other geriatric rehabilitation services!

If you want to know more about geriatric rehabilitation or physical therapy services for the aging population / elderly. Here are 13 commendable sites!

*We are still using the words “senior”, “elderly”, “older-adult” for they are the common words used but we are aware and sensitive to be politically correct!