Stress Management Classes

At AAA Physical Therapy, we are facilitating stress management classes in order to provide more ways on how to feel better and be more empowered as part of our health and wellness programs. Facilitated by Manuel, who has been a psychology, counseling, and stress management instructor for two decades, we look forward for you to join our classes. We will have guest speakers as well to facilitate such classes.

To join the whole program, it would be ideal for you to get the book by Brian Luke Seaward: Managing Stress and anywhere from the 5th to the latest edition will be fine. But any stress management book for that matter would also be sufficient. However, this is what we found to be comprehensive and yet easy to understand and follow to gain the strategies to personalize a stress management program that works for you!

If you do attend one stress management class, we will send you an audio file to begin managing your stress at the comfort of your own home! Dr. Seaward has given us the permission to share to our participants!

Please check our EVENTS page to see the schedule of classes!


This Path to Wellness Program is independent of the Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Speech Therapy services at AAA Physical Therapy.