Your privacy and protection is our priority. 

  1. Request your health records online 

You can now save time and paper by electronically submitting a request of your health records. Access to your health records will be through a safe, protected online 

portal where you can download your records as a PDF file to keep or to share with other healthcare providers or family members. 

Please fill out Request for Health Records Form (Medical Records Release Form). Click HERE. 

Or download the form and email to admin@aaaphysicaltherapy.com

For records older than March 30, 2017, there will be a nominal Records Locator and Preparation Fee of $20.00. Click here to make the payment or call the office to make the payment at 443-979-7171. 

Note: If you are not sure of the date of your records, please fill out the request for health records and you will be advised by our Medical Records Team if you will need to make a payment. 

Upon receipt of your request and payment, our Medical Records team will work on getting your records available in your online portal. This usually takes 7 to 14 business days. 

  1. Request your records by Mail or Fax 

Another way to get a copy of your medical records is to request to have them faxed or have hard copies mailed out. Use the same form below but make sure you select appropriate method (FAX or MAIL) of delivery. 

Click HERE.

OR Please print, download, fill out and sign the form attached to have your health records faxed or mailed out. 

Request to FAX health records: Fax signed filled-out form to: 443-864-5095 

(ATTN: AAA Physical Therapy Medical Records) 


Request to MAIL health records: Mail signed filled-out form to: 

AAA Physical Therapy/Medical Records 

8975 Guilford Rd Ste 170 Columbia MD 21046


Take note: If you need records on paper, a per-page fee will be charged. We will invoice for the number of pages printed 

and a preparation fee. Records sent via the patient portal are free of charge for records not older than March 31, 2017. 


AAA Physical Therapy, LLC p. 443.979.7171 | admin@AAAPhysicalTherapy.com | f. 667.200.5908 8975 Guilford Rd Ste 170 Columbia MD 21046