Video Testimonials and Reviews for AAA Physical Therapy

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Thank you for making AAA Physical Therapy in Columbia, Howard County, MD as one of the premiere and highly respected go-to-place for rehabilitation.

Call us at 443.979.7171 on how your commendable movement specialists / pain management therapists would be able to assist you in your overall health and wellness goals!

Back Injury? Please watch / listen to this video on how AAA Physical Therapy has helped our awesome patient that we worked with in Ms. Kathleen! If you want to get back in running a 5K or doing your hobbies such as engaging in jump rope pain free through our rehabilitation program and have a maintenance program after, we hope to assist you achieve your health and wellness goals!

Listen to Mr. Sullivan discuss how he was able to get back from his elbow surgery due to a car accident and how post surgery physical therapy was able to help him to gain as much function and control as much as possible! Please listen to his podcast to discuss on what happened, why he elected to get a surgery, and what made him choose AAA Physical Therapy as the place to receive rehabilitation. We are very appreciative of this wonderful person as he is such an ardent supporter of our humble practice!

AAA Physical Therapy is thankful to Ms. Julie for providing her time on how physical therapy and our wellness programs is helping her to be as functional and as pain free as much as possible due to falls and injuries on her back and knees!

With an athletic injury (rotator cuff tear / injury) by playing lacrosse, Mr. Andrew shares how he was able to recover and rehabilitate and ready to compete anew by working with our highly rated physical therapists! Our flexible schedule allowed him to continue his rehabilitation process to get better and be pain free given his extremely busy schedule and that he actually lives in another state! 

Have you had hip pain or injury? Listen in to one of our successful patients in Ms. Janet who is also continuing her health and wellness program working with Manuel as a Certified Personal Trainer. Learn how we have helped her work through various aches and pains to have a better quality of life!

One of our beloved people that we worked with, Sal shares his experience with AAA Physical Therapy. He dealt with a foot injury and leg pain separately and shares how he recovered and how our movement specialists and staff members assisted him in his rehabilitation process. Listen on why he enjoys being here with us!

Ms. Fellenz shares how she got injured due to a fall but got right back up upon working with our physical therapists and is now pain free! Listen on how she definitely gives AAA Physical Therapy the highest recommendation!

Persistent back and knee problems? Listen to Mr. Robert as how we were able to assist him with these issues separately so he can be as active and pain free as much  as possible! Thank you for the solid recommendation!

We appreciate Mr. James sharing about his Parkinson’s condition and how we were able to help him with his balance, endurance, strength, and overall knee recovery.