AAA Physical Therapy took a huge leap of faith this year by getting out of our comfort zone and spreading our wings out to see if we can go up the ladder to wellness to help more people.
Being in the private practice for 5 years since our clinic in Columbia, MD opened, we have identified our biggest fear: becoming a factory of patients and clinicians churning patients in and out sacrificing our ultimate goal - providing the best personalized physical therapy possible.

We all know the reality that insurance has significantly influenced healthcare delivery and that is the same with Physical Therapy. I can’t help but get frustrated together with healthcare insurance members because there are times when my patients are receiving “insurance therapy” instead of physical therapy.

With “insurance therapy”, I am finding out more each day that when people get discharged from rehabilitation and return to their PLOF
(Prior Level Of Function) - for instance, they go back to the gym lifting or playing their favorite sport for leisure or competitively... well...2 months down the road, they come back to me with a re-injury. It came to the point both my patients and I called it the “dreaded discharge”.

My fear turned into an idea.
What if we can help our patients become independent and free from depending on “insurance therapy”?
What if we can help guide our patients towards their path to wellness without the fear of being discharged
from their physical therapy program?
What if we can help our patients maintain the gains they achieved during their rehabilitation?
What if we can contribute to achieving our patients ultimate fitness goals without fear of re-injury?
What if we can afford our patients to reach their wellness goals and become independent and free from
their chronic pain/symptoms?

This idea became my passion.
Thinking of the Illness to Wellness continuum and how our team can make a difference.
Our collaboration mindset continues as we evolve into an integrative prevention and wellness practice.

Path to wellness