Mother Nature’s

Mother Nature’s Helpers

Dave and Claire have been in the backyard nature business for 20 years. Their first year, Claire ran the shop while Dave worked part time, but very quickly the venture became something they could do together and over the years the kids shared in the fun as well. Our purpose is to help our customers invite nature into their yards. By doing this within the small scale of our suburban communities, we find people waking up to the grander beauty around them. We can offer you the exact things YOU need for YOUR yard and your circumstances. By being an independent nature store, we can share with you very specific solutions to your very specific needs.

Our emphasis is birds!

We love them! But, there are other things going on in our backyards and we are here to help you enjoy them as well.

Phone: 410-381-4351

Address: 6955 Oakland Mills Rd. STE F, Columbia, MD 21045