Joanne Colburn, MPT talks about Low Back Pain…


Hello, my name is Joanne Colburn. I understand you’re coming into physical therapy for low back pain(LBP). We’re here to help you return to your everyday activities & hobbies without pain. It’s a team effort where we do our hands on treatment to increase proper biomechanics into your pelvis & lumbar spine, your low back. We also guide you with re: proper posture, proper work ergonomics, proper lifting mechanics, & exercises. In turn, we ask you to persist with your home exercise program as you can tolerate without making your symptoms worse.


LBP is largely caused by activities we do to ourselves. We all tend to have poor posture, a poor work station, &/or poor lifting mechanics. We also tend to lead sedentary lifestyles which perpetuate dysfunctional patterns that can cause pain. Form follows function. We all need to practice more functional movement patterns to reduce pain & minimize further recurrences. By doing exercises to strengthen what is weak & lengthen what is tight, we can restore muscular balance to our bodies. By learning better mechanics for posture, for our work station, & for lifting, we’re able to reduce & prevent injury. 


When patients come in for low back rehab, we utilize a combination of manual therapy, exercises, & everyday activities retraining. Manual therapy can involve proper pelvic & lumbar spine alignment, soft tissue massage, myofascial release, & muscular stretching. Exercises will address weak & tight muscles. Retraining for our lives will correct for poor posture, a poor work station, poor lifting mechanics, a poor walking pattern, & any other poor movement patterns.


Why live with low back pain? Physical therapy is a great conservative non-surgical option to reduce pain. Not only do we want you to live without pain, we want you to live with less reliance on pharmaceutical medications. 


When you come to AAA Physical Therapy, we’ll introduce you to our fun & enthusiastic staff & providers. We believe very strongly about an individualized approach to rehab. With our excellent providers & your commitment to change, your outcomes & therefore your life will improve.