Introducing Dr. Calvin Ball!

Dr. Calvin Ball

To provide an avenue for Howard County voters to learn more about the ones running for elections, we have invited Dr. Calvin Ball and HoCo Exec Allan Kittleman. Here is the podcast that we did for Dr. Calvin Ball as we await for Allan’s availability. Dr. Ball answered these questions so learn more about his platform if he becomes County Executive of Howard County!

1. Kindly identify the top three issues that you see that Howard County residents face regarding health and wellness.

2. With these top three issues, what are your plans or initiatives to address these problems?

3. How do you plan to work with the other party to be successful with your plans and initiatives?

4. How can we, private medical providers such as physical therapy clinics, assist you in focusing on solutions to the top three health and wellness problems?

This special program is brought to you by AAA Physical Therapy and we are thankful again to Howard Community College’s Dragon Digital Radio!

Listen to the podcast here

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