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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of new patients do you accept?

Is a referral required for an appointment?

No. In the state of Maryland, you can come to a physical therapist and get a consult without the need for a referral. However, some insurance companies would still require a doctor’s referral or script for Physical Therapy coverage. You should ask your PT office how they can help you work with your doctor so you can get your physical therapy services covered.

How much does my first visit cost?

Physical Therapy benefits are usually covered by your healthcare insurance. You may be responsible for a co-pay / coinsurance / deductible. Every insurance plan is different. Our helpful staff members will work with your insurance company to determine your exact benefits before you begin treatment even if this is the patient’s responsibility.

Please watch our video to know more about what your insurance plans may or may not cover.

Is Physical Therapy only for the old?

Physical Therapy is an allied health profession that is not only directed to movement expertise for the old, but it goes across the continuum of life.So from infancy, to the school age to, mom and dad, the active adult to the frail and elderly, all the way to hospice, your physical therapist can help with your movement concerns.

Is Physical Therapy painful?

People come to us because they ‘are in pain. And what we do is we strive to minimize the pain within the patient’s threshold.So oftentimes we hear people say “no pain, no gain” right? To say that is true defeats what is more important- to understand pain and its behavior. Your  movement goals and what you consider as “gains”. It is more important to understand the difference between good pain and bad pain.

Is Physical Therapy expensive?

Physical therapy is a conservative approach to treatment of pain. Seeing the therapist for 6 to 8 sessions would certainly cost less than going in for multiple trips to the doctor for medication to address an acute episode of pain or going in for a surgical procedure. Physical Therapy may be covered by your health insurance. It would be good to know your benefits and have someone from your PT team explain your cost of care.

Expectations on your First Visit

Prior First Visit:

1. Please plan by learning more about your Physiotherapists or Rehabilitation Specialists and where our PT Clinic is located before your first Physical Therapy visit.

2. Please list all questions or clarifications that you may have with your Movement Specialists or Physical Therapists that pertains to your condition, pain, movement concerns, and other PT related questions.

3. If we send you some forms to fill out through email, please answer them prior your first visit.

4. When you can, please verify from your insurance company your benefits and eligibility for an Outpatient Physical Therapy visit. AAA Physical Therapy will still provide a complimentary eligibility and benefits verification with you which will be explained on your first visit.

On Your First PT Visit:

1. Please bring your Insurance IDs, Drivers License or Passport or any other Government ID, Doctor’s Referral, Lawyer’s Information (for Auto or Vehicular Accident / Personal or Work Injury Related Cases), and anything else pertinent to your pain / discomfort, Pre or Post-Operation / Surgery, or physiotherapist visit.

2. If you did not get a chance to verify your eligibility and benefits, we will provide you a courtesy explanation of your insurance eligibility and benefits for outpatient Physical Therapy. If this is a car / auto accident or a work or personal injury case, then your lawyer’s information would also be beneficial to know.

3. Be prepared to answer all pertinent questions during your first PT visit evaluation in order  to provide you the most appropriate and effective treatment plan that is personalized just for you. At the same time, please ask the questions that you listed as identified above.

4. Be prepared to physically perform a wide variety of detailed assessments to evaluate your strength, balance, coordination, posture, flexibility, and heart and respiration rates. Your joints, muscles, and mobility may be examined and assessed by your physical therapist’s gentle and caring hands. Some physical activities may involve, but are not limited to: your walking (gait), getting up from a lying  position, standing up from a sitting position, and other body mechanics and functional activities such  as bending and lifting.

4. After a thorough assessment, your dedicated physical therapist or physiotherapist will work and communicate with you a personalized rehabilitation plan to determine your goals.

5. Constant communication, collaboration, and education will be provided to you, your loved ones, your physicians and other health care professionals so you will continue to develop and fulfill your goals of rehabilitation and the performance levels that you want to achieve.

6. For the following PT visits, your movement specialist will continually assess your progress and work with you to plan for your discharge from physical therapy and create a plan for overall health and wellness which may include nutrition, personal training, stress management, and meditation.

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