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5 Exercises to Stop Those Frequent Headaches!

exercises to stop headaches 2

Do you suffer from frequent headaches or migraine symptoms? You’re not alone! At least 75% of Americans suffer from some form of headache each year. Did you know that partaking in a regular stretching program can help restore proper muscular tissue quality and prevent tension related headaches?Here are 5 easy exercises to stop headaches, restore […]

AAA Physical Therapy’s Collaboration Mindset for Health and Wellness: Home Care and Outpatient Physical Therapy

Have you ever wondered what is involved with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and other medical services for a home visit? Do you know when you can use home visits for such services? Do you know the difference on what Medicare Part A and Part B covers? Do you know that after home visits, […]

Work Related Injury / Workmans Compensation cases and Physical Therapy

What is work injury or work compensation case? What are common cases on how employees / associates get injured at work? When should employees file a work related injury if they get injured at work? Why is it beneficial for injured employees to have their own lawyer?  If you have your own lawyer, are you […]

For the young at heart! Geriatric needs in relation to podiatry and physical therapy!

AAA Physical Therapy is excited to present you this podcast focusing on the health and wellness for the geriatrics (or young at heart!) population! Listen to Dr. La Vergne Andre (Loving Hands Podiatry) and Nina Criselda Evangelista, PT, CEEAA about what to pay attention to if you are already in this age group and what can […]

What is HCLHIC and What can PT do for opioid abuse?

Do you know how what your local government in Howard County is doing to provide you more information and resources about: Access to Care? Healthy Aging? Behavioral Health? Healthy Weight? If no, please listen in as we have Ms. Kelly Kesler, Director of the Local Health Improvement Coalition (HCLHIC) as our guest of this “Collaboration […]