AAA Physical Therapy’s Collaboration Mindset for Health and Wellness: Howard County’s Issues and Solutions

Howard County’s Issues and Solutions

Listen to Mr. Snelgrove (President of Howard County General Hospital – Johns Hopkins Medicine) and Manuel (AAA Physical Therapy – Highly Rated PT in Columbia, MD) about the present and future needs of Howard County regarding health and wellness and how we all need to work together to continue to find solutions to meet such […]

AAA Physical Therapy’s Collaboration Mindset for Health and Wellness: Alzheimers, Dementia, and Rehabilitation

Do you know how physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy can help with memory loss (Alzheimers / Dementia)? Learn more how to work with this debilitating situation by listening to Bejal (Occupational Therapist) and Darlene (Nurse) and how such rehabilitation services could assist in this regard. We also discussed how important it is to […]

AAA Physical Therapy’s Collaboration Mindset for Health and Wellness: Stress Management

stress management

Listen to Manuel (certified personal trainer and stress management facilitator) and Matt, host of Benchwarmer’s Redemption about stress management. If you want to know how stress is defined, how to differentiate good stress from bad stress, and how to understand performance in relation to anxiety levels; listen in to know more! This program is brought […]

How to deal with sleep disorders and how to get the quality of sleep you deserve!

sleep disorders

Today we talk about sleep disorders. Is it a good idea to have your TVs and other smart screens on when you are going to sleep? Do you know that unfortunately Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) impacts sleep and this is not only affecting our beloved war veterans? Do you want to know other types […]

AAA Physical Therapy’s Collaboration Mindset for Health and Wellness: Providing Healthcare to EVERYONE – Learn more about LGBTQ community.

PA Debra Dunn of Chase Brexton details what LGBTQ community is and how we can be more knowledgeable about working with them especially in the healthcare industry! As fluid as human lives are, learn how we can simply not categorize gender and sexuality as binary. If you want to know more about gender expression, gender […]

AAA Physical Therapy’s Collaboration Mindset for Health and Wellness: Patient Perspective on Rehabilitation After Surgery

AAA Physical Therapy is blessed to have Mr. Dan Sullivan as our special guest for this program. He underwent an elbow surgery and he shares what happened to him on how he got injured. He shared information about what was happening to him before the surgery and why he opted for that procedure then. After his elbow surgery, he shared what he did to rehabilitate and gain some sense of control and strength on his arms / hands / fingers. He shared how important it is to be active in one’s rehabilitation process and take ownership of one’s health and yet being disciplined with all the medical professionals including physical therapists. He also shared his experience working with AAA PT in this video. We hope you find this edition to be enlightening and motivational to continuously take care of your health in spite of all the possible health issues that you may be facing. This program is masterfully recorded and edited at Howard Community College’s Dragon Digital Radio.

Listen to this post surgery-auto accident physical therapy patient testimonial / perspective.

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AAA Physical Therapy’s Collaboration Mindset for Health and Wellness: Home Care and Outpatient Physical Therapy

Have you ever wondered what is involved with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and other medical services for a home visit? Do you know when you can use home visits for such services? Do you know the difference on what Medicare Part A and Part B covers? Do you know that after home visits, […]

AAA Physical Therapy’s Collaboration Mindset for Health and Wellness: Business Coach = Business Health!

With AAA Physical Therapy’s guest collaborator for health and wellness, we have Mr. William Eric Linzey who is a certified business coach! Just like we are your “coaches” for physical therapy, business owners need to have their business coach too in order to focus on what is important to them! The health of the business […]

Work Related Injury / Workmans Compensation cases and Physical Therapy

What is work injury or work compensation case? What are common cases on how employees / associates get injured at work? When should employees file a work related injury if they get injured at work? Why is it beneficial for injured employees to have their own lawyer?  If you have your own lawyer, are you […]

Where Law, Politics, and Medical Practices Intersect!

Be active politically! The fact that we are close to Annapolis and DC, touch base with your politicians about any changes or positive things that you can share! For today’s guests, please listen to Del. Terri Hill and Del. Clarence Lam! Both delegates are practicing and accomplished medical doctors who are very much approachable thus […]