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Neck and Shoulder Pain? Back Pain? Elbow and Wrist Pain? Running Pain? Knee Pain? Foot and Ankle Problems? Your Top-Rated Compassionate Physical Therapists / Rehabilitation Pain Management Specialists in Columbia, MD is here to help you!

(Why do you want to live with pain when physical therapy or rehabilitation therapy is a great option to deal with chronic pain or nagging injuries that is non-invasive and not be dependent on opioid and other prescribed pain medication and relievers?)

Do you want to know how physical therapy could help you alleviate chronic pain?

Do you know that with your dedicated physiotherapists and movement specialists near Columbia, MD can help you manage your pain from your head all the way to your feet?

Do you want to know exactly the cause of your neck and shoulder pain and what non-invasive treatment your physical therapists can do for you?

Are you one of the 100 Million Americans suffering from pain and want to know how this could be treated by a pain management specialist, particularly a physical therapist?

Did you know that back pain is the most common type of pain? Do you want to know how a back rehabilitation specialist in a physical therapy clinic could treat your back problems?

Do you know what is the best physical therapy treatment you can receive with your elbow pain, wrist injury, or hand pain?

Are you hobbled with hip pain and leg discomfort and want to know how an expert in pain management could help you?

Did you have a knee surgery or plan to have a surgery on your knees due to knee pain and see what are the possible treatments that you can have first?

Are you an athlete or a weekend warrior that suffers from ankle pain or discomfort on your feet and want to know how to have pain relief and treatment guided by your physiotherapist?

Are you unable to perform your regular day to day or even recreational activities due to excruciating pain and discomfort?

Are you playing for your high school or college as a varsity athlete but suffer from athletic injury or have pain from playing your favorite sport and do not know how to treat this nagging pain through physical therapy?

Do you like playing your weekend sport but is suffering from pain and nagging injuries and want to know more how a visit with a top physical therapy practice could help you treat your athletic pain?

Are you a senior* who has been suffering from a lot of pain and need to know how this can be treated by a highly ranked physical therapist?

Did you suffer an auto injury or car accident and do not know how this pain could be treated and get pain relief by going to a physical therapy clinic?

Is a work-injury related or work-compensation case still giving you pain and you are not sure how you can have some pain relief?

Are you limited of going to the gym or going to other types of exercises because of chronic pain and nagging injuries and you are not sure if working with a physical therapist could help?

Do you have any type of pain lasting for several months and need to determine if physical therapy could help manage this chronic pain?

Did you know that about $635 billion annually is the total cost for medical treatment, lost productivity of work time, and lost wages?

Do you have other medical conditions that is associated with pain such as diabetes melitus, fibromyalgia, and any kind of trauma or injury?

Did you know that chronic pain can lead to other situations such as decreased activity levels, financial difficulties due to job loss, and other mental states such as anxiety and depression?

If you still believe on the saying “No Pain No Gain”, please make sure you talk to our physiotherapists to debunk this belief!

At AAA Physical Therapy, we are committed to help you achieve a pain free lifestyle giving you the freedom to move and enjoy the things you love to do.

Common Pain Conditions Treated through Physical Therapy

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic Pain Syndrome

  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

If you want to know other specific pain conditions treated, please click here.

Common Pain Management Treatments Applied

  • Neuromusculuar Re-Education (i.e. Strengthening and Flexibility Exercises)

  • Manual Therapy

  • Therapeutic Modalities

If you want to know more available treatments for pain management, please click here.

Pain is subjective wherein the person is hurt and feel discomfort, agony, and distress. Pain could be acute or chronic. Acute pain is short-lived (up to 12 weeks) but could be lethal depending on the severity of the pain which could indicate some kind of an injury. Chronic pain lasts longer, at least three months and possibly even years, and the severity of the pain could vary during that time frame.

How does your compassionate AAA Physical Therapists help you in managing, treating, and working with your pain then? Using evidence-based and evidence-guided treatments, we personalize our rehabilitation in treating your pain by having a thorough evaluation on your first PT visit.

In order to develop a personalized physical therapy treatment plan, our pain management specialists will hone in with these items on your initial PT visit and be ready to discuss and do the following:

1. Your past and present health condition and use of medication.

2. Pain symptoms such as location, intensity, how and when pain is triggered or exhibited during work, home, and social or leisure activities; and other pertinent points of discussion to have a clear idea of the causes of pain and how to treat them directly.

3. Results of the questionnaires that you will answer to have a baseline of where you are regarding your pain based on daily functions, workload, and other activities and hobbies.

4. Aside from paper or online questionnaires, be ready to do tests wherein you will move to check your posture, flexibility, muscle strength, joint mobility, and range of motion.

5. Work with other healthcare professionals especially with your orthopedic doctor (for example for a pre / post surgery), primary care physicians, and other specialists such as neurologists.

In order to improve your quality of life so you can live, work, and play and be pain free as much as possible; your top rated movement specialists at AAA PT will do the following:

1. Through education, your physical therapists will discuss and share with you about the source of your chronic pain and what you can do about the pain in a non-invasive manner (if possible without surgery, pain killers, opioids, etc.).

2. Provide a personalized treatment plan of strengthening and flexibility exercises. Through guided and graded exercises, you will hopefully improve strength, coordination, and mobility and movement. The exercises and movement will be increased based on your abilities that would also hopefully assist in reducing stress and strain on your body.

3. With manual manipulation (specific, gentle, hands-on techniques to manipulate / mobilize tight joint structures and soft tissues), this is used to increase movement (range of motion) and improve the quality of your muscle tissues with the aim of reducing pain.

4. In addition, through body mechanics instruction, you can improve your posture and movement in order to be effective by learning how to properly use your body in terms of movement and mechanics. Whether you are doing household chores, recreational activities, or work, your PT will share with you the proper way and make the necessary adjustments in order to help reducing the impacts of chronic pain.

Overall, physical therapy should be chosen as one of the first options in dealing with and managing pain. Let us work together as early as now before your pain condition worsens which could possibly lead to more costly medical bills (surgery), dependence on opioids and pain killers, and lower overall quality of life.

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