8 Auto / Vehicular Accident Pain Management Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy) Helpful Information

Top Physical Therapy Information for injuries due to a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or any other vehicular accident! Remember, AAA PT works and collaborates with multiple lawyers if there is a pending case on this matter!

(AAA Physical Therapy, located in Columbia, Howard County, MD collated all of these information about physical therapy for auto / car accident cases or injuries so we do not have to reinvent the wheel! Please learn accordingly but be aware that these are for informational purposes only so proceed with a critical mind!)


1. Make sure you know what to do from your car insurance point of view when you are unfortunately involved with a car / auto accident. For example, this is from State Farm, Geico, All State, Farmers, and esurance. This is the information from Consumer Reports and a private DMV site (not from the government) for other information. However, be aware as well on what lawyers would say if you get into a vehicular accident. Seems like majority of these sites for example identify that if you could move your cars safely, go ahead and do it and yet lawyers would identify to NOT move your vehicles unless if the legal authorities have already arrived and were able to document everything. Speaking of documentation, a common thing that needs to be addressed as well is that you should document everything (use your phones, cameras, etc.) especially if the other party says “sorry” or said it was their “fault” for the accident. The other common things that you need to do as well is to make sure you relax and make sure no one is badly hurt. Then be really careful with what you will be signing and saying so review the sites accordingly on what else you can and cannot do.

Again, AAA Physical Therapy collaborates with multiple law offices in relation to auto accident cases as we have been working with multiple car accident injuries and other lawyers!  

Please be mindful that AAA Physical Therapy does not promote any of these insurance companies but this is for informational purposes only.

2.  Seek Medical Attention! No matter how small the accident, it would be best to have a medical professional check what happened to you and everybody else involved in the accident. You have multiple options whether you should go to an emergency room, urgent care center, or your primary care physician as soon as possible!

3. There are multiple reasons why you should get medical attention as soon as possible due to common injuries that take place in a vehicular accident. Head and back injuries take place due to hitting the steering wheel or dashboard for example. Neck and chest injuries are common types of pain that take place especially when it comes to whiplash due to a sudden move of the head and neck in a collision. 

4. To avoid vehicular accidents to begin with, there are multiple things we can do to avoid such problems. Edmunds.com provide ideas on how we can avoid such accidents such as being aware of blinds spots, driving in the middle lane as much as possible and just like how we take care of our bodies (such as having a medical check up) that we need to make sure that our vehicles are running in great condition. Another source also identified that we should not tailgate and scan 10-12 seconds ahead of where you are in order to anticipate everything as much as possible.   Howstuffworks sharedthat proper positioning of your seat, mirrors, hands, and feet are huge factors on how to optimally be in control of the vehicle.  Teendriversource focused on not driving distracted thus full attention should be done behind the wheel as much as possible while also driving based on what the speed limit is. If you are taking in prescription or illicit drugs or opioids or be under the influence, it would be best not to be behind the wheel. Have the right attitude about driving and be a defensive driver as much as possible. Whether driving on a highway or parking lot, bottom line is we need 100% full attention.

We really need to be careful as unfortunately, 2016 marked the year as a very dangerous year for all possible auto / vehicular accidents.

5. Vehicular accident is not only for cars, trucks, boats, and other motorized vehicles but bicycle accidents as well. Unfortunately, costs associated with this type of accident have risen in the past 20 years. Just like a car accident, you need to document everything and get the medical attention as soon as possible. Always be truthful with everything that takes place especially in relaying your bicycle injuries with law enforcement, doctors, physical therapists, and lawyers. Given that practice riding your bicycle safely such as going on bike paths just like what we have at Howard County, MD.

6. Jimadler.com shared information on how physical therapy is such an important component in one’s recovery process for any vehicular or auto accident. Whatever injuries that you may incur due to whiplash for example, your physical therapist is here to assist you in managing your pain and strengthening and stabilizing the muscles that have been affected.

7. Consumerreports.org shared some tips on how to be safe in driving motorcycles. For example, do not buy a motorcycle that is more than you can handle. Wearing helmets is a no-brainer and wear other appropriate gear. Though you may be good with the tricks in riding your motorcycle but being a defensive driver is still a good practice to do. Avoid bad weather as much as possible and watch for road hazards. Just like other motorized vehicles, make sure that you have the motorcycle running in optimal condition as much as possible.

8. Accidentdoctor.org shares how physical therapy could help specifically with whiplash injuries due to a car or auto accident. Though having a doctor’s prescription is not required, it would still be good to have a visit with your medical professional to identify exactly what your health situation is. PIP will usually cover your physiotherapy visits and if that is exhausted, your medical insurance will kick in next. If you are working with a lawyer then a possible settlement may take place as well.