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Physical Therapy Columbia Maryland

Cold Pack

Chattanooga ColPac - Black Polyurethane - Oversize - 12.5 in x 18.5 in

  • Designed especially for heavy clinic use in cold therapy, choose from seven blue vinyl sizes and four black polyurethane sizes, to ensure effective cold therapy for any body area or shape
  • ColPac provides effective relief of pain from cold therapy
  • ColPacs filled with non-toxic silica gel that will remain pliable throughout treatment
  • Delivers up to 30 minutes of cold therapy soothing relief from acute pain, swelling and fever
  • One year warranty
  • Restore

    POPLAY 50 PCS Beautiful Player Marbles Bulk For Marble Games,Multiple Colors

    • For Foot Intrinsic Strengthening
    • WITH PORTABLE CONTAINER: Easy storage and endless fun anytime, anywhere!
    • TOP LINE QUALITY GLASS MARBLES: All marbles in the container are constructed upon the highest quality standards. Therefore, they are made to be top-notch and exceed your highest expectations!
    • FOR SUPER FUN GAMES like the Marble Run or the Traditional Marble Game that boost your child's hand-eye coordination and develop useful fine motor skills!
    • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE TOY: children have been playing with marbles for thousands of years - they are a toy that will never fall out of fashion!
    • ASSORTED PLAYER MARBLES: Get the most beautifully made, colorful marbles in existence - playing with marbles is a cheap and cheerful activity that will keep your little ones entertained for hours!
    • MFM Equipment
    • LIGHTWEIGHT YOGA MAT: These durable, yet extremely lightweight exercise yoga mats give you just the right amount of cushioning your joints need during any yoga or fitness routine
    • STICKY NON-SLIP TEXTURE: Yoga mat features a textured sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip and a stylish design to keep you motivated and focused
    • NON-TOXIC & 6P FREE - PVC yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP (Note: For best results unroll and air out your mat for 2-3 days before use - a harmless odor may be present when unwrapped)
    • FREE YOGA CLASS: Yoga mat purchase includes a free bonus downloadable yoga workout to help get you started
    • DIMENSIONS: 68-Inch x 24-Inch x 3/4mm (Same size mat, but packaging may vary to list 3mm or 4mm)

    Gaiam Yoga Mat

    Punching Half Mitts

    • Wrist strap w/ tri-sect closure for extra support and protection during training
    • Anatomical thumb padding to provide increased protection without decreasing mobility
    • Contoured fit puts the hand into a natural fist position maximizing your punching techniques
    • Closed cell durafoam curved padding.
    • One size fits most, adjustable
    • Provides Optimal Resistance and Rapid Rebound
    • Fill Base with Sand or Water
    • Round Base for Easy Roll Away
    • 7 Height Adjustments from 47" to 68" in 3" Increments
    • Weighs Approximately 250 lbs when filled

    Punching Bag

    Stretch Strap

    • FREE POSTER: Includes one original OPTP Stretch Out Strap and one instructional exercise poster. The first stretching strap on the market in 1993, still recommended by professionals today.
    • EXTREMELY DURABLE: 6'4" woven nylon strap with 10 individual loops. Authentic design proven to be durable and long-lasting; will not easily wear or tear even with heavy use, unlike imitation straps.
    • SUPREME VERSATILITY: Highly effective for warmup, exercise, and post-exercise; great for dancers and athletes, as well as for use in physical therapy, Pilates and yoga routines
    • GREATER CONTROL: The Stretch Out Strap allows you to perform unassisted stretches with greater control and is a top choice of physical therapists and athletic trainers for safe, effective, contract-relax stretches.
    • HEALTH BENEFITS: Greater flexibility, improved range of motion, enhanced muscle recovery, reduced risk of injury.
    • Simple & easy to use product for upper & lower body exercises that can be performed anywhere, is ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscles
    • The Non-Latex Resistance Band increases both strength & flexibility in a subtle & natural manner
    • Rehabilitate muscles through simple yet effective workouts to increase strength & improve motion


    Free Weights

    • 32 pound dumbbell set with stand, including one pair of 3, 5, and 8 pound weights
    • Easy-grip neoprene coating for a secure hold
    • Printed weight number on each end cap and color-coded for quick identification
    • Hexagonal shape prevents dumbbells from rolling away
    • Ideal for fitness classes or at-home workout routines; backed by an AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty
    •  COMES IN A PAIR: Comes in 2 ankle weights, EACH ankle weight weighs up to 5 lbs, 2 PACK of ankle weights up to 10 lbs
    •  ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTS: 5 removable sand pockets for each ankle weight, each pocket weighs 0.97 lbs, total weights (each ankle weight) can be adjusted from 1-5 lbs by adding or taking out the inserts
    • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: These king-size ankle weights extend its length to 14.56’’, with easy to adjust velcro straps to provide a greater fit for ankles and wrists of all sizes
    •  ADD WORKOUT RETENSITY: Add more resistance to daily workout, walking, jogging, core training, fitness, aerobics, gym and many other exercises, helping increase strength, rehabilitate muscles, improve balance, and assist physical therapy
    •  QUALITY & COMFORT: Made of neoprene exterior, reinforced stitching and sturdy outer trim, you could feel its softness when hold in your hands

    Ankle Weights

    Yoga Block

    • NON-TOXIC HIGH DENSITY FOAM YOGA BLOCK 2-PACK AND YOGA STRAP: Combo including 2 Yoga blocks (9x6x4") and 1 Yoga strap (8 feet Long and 1.5" Wide – ideal size for most people).
    • PERFECT FOR NEW COMERS: If you are wishing to reach higher levels in Yoga, this items will be awesome for you. Furthermore, they safely support and modify poses to suit your level of flexibility.
    • COMFORTABLE AND SOFTLY: Made of top quality material, Yoga Blocks feature slip-resistant surfaces and beveled edges; Additionally, Yoga strap is made out of soft cotton fabric to produce soft, comfortable experiences in use; specially, it does not leave traces or pain on your neck, hands, legs and other organs in contact with this strap.
    • CONVENIENT AND LIGHTWEIGHT, 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION : yoga block 2 packs and yoga strap are easy to carry everywhere. We're proud to provide high-quality yoga starter set which was demonstrated through many positive feedbacks from our customers. In any case that the yoga and block set does not satisfy you, please let us know and we will issue an appropriate solution.
    • 1-YEAR WARRANTY AND 60-DAY FREE RETURN: 100% of refund in case this set of yoga block 2 pack and yoga strap is not helpful to your Yoga exercises.
    • Our high quality yoga blanklets are offered in a variety of bright color options
    • Composed of 50% acrylic / 40% polyester / 10% cotton
    • Machine washable and easy to clean
    • Measurements: 74" x 52" and weighs about 2.4 lbs.
    • Don't be fooled by imposters! Only YogaAccessories is authorized to sell genuine YogaAccessories products

    Yoga Blanket

    Bed Exit Monitoring System Alarm

    • Portable – Place monitor up to 300 feet away from pad.
    • Easy to use and effective caregiver alarm. Use this product for fall prevention; know when someone is getting out of bed unattended.
    • System includes One Monitor and One 10in x 30in Pressure Sensing Bed Pad
    • Place the cordless bed sensor pad across the width of the bed, under the fitted sheet. Position the pad under the resident's shoulder blades, alarm will sound when they sit up or place it under the hips, alarm will sound when the resident is lifting out of the bed. The alarm will sound continuous when weight is removed from the pad.
    • Use 3 “C” size batteries (Included)
    •  HAVE A SENSE OF CALMNESS knowing your little angel is safe & sound with the Babysense’s 3.5” high definition color video baby monitor. We remastered the classic baby monitor design with state-of-the-art interchangeable wide angle lens and the latest 2.4GHz FHSS Technology for super-stable, ultra-secure connection and supremely-detailed digital vision & sound.
    •  CALM, COMFORT & SING TO YOUR BABY with your own voice using the most advanced 2-way talkback communication technology. And when the baby can’t sleep or needs to be calm, you can make use of the built-in lullabies with white noise sounds. It’s a perfect match.
    • WATCH YOUR BABY EVEN FROM OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE as the baby monitor has ULTRA-LONG RANGE of up to 960 feet open space. When you get too far you’ll get notified by the out-of-range warning.
    •  DON’T MISS A THING, the cutting-edge Auto Infrared Night Vision is here to showcase what’s going on at any hour of the night. On top of that, you can get alerts about high or low room temperature or use the 2x digital zoom with Manual Pan (360 degrees) & Tilt (90 degrees) to really see what’s going on in your baby's room.
    • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, we at Babysense made the production of highest quality products our #1 priority from the very inception. That’s why our original video baby monitor comes with a hassle-free money back guarantee!

    Video Baby Monitor

    Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion

    • THE SOLUTION IS HERE: if you work long hours sitting down in front of the computer and want to feel less tired and more focused on the job we have the perfect natural solution for you. The Vreilax ergonomic foot rest is a must-have office accessory. Just put it under your desk, place your feet on it, and enter a world of relaxation.
    • INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE: Our under desk foot rest was specifically made to maximize your comfort. Pamper yourself and your feet will feel like they are being massaged, soothing tired feet and eliminating pressure points. Once you’ve used it, we’re sure you’ll never sit down without it!
    • HEALTH BENEFITS: Our footrest isn’t just built for comfort, its usage has noted health benefits. Our footstool improves your posture, and is great for your blood circulation. The footrest’s elevation is ideal to support your lower back, and will completely alleviate pain from this area.
    • INGENIOUS DESIGN: we designed our footrest with an anti-slip bottom, to make sure the cushion stays in place. The cover is unbelievably easy to remove, and it’s machine washable. We also placed the zipper on the top side, to make sure your floor doesn’t get scratched. The foot rest has a carry handle so you can easily take it with you whether you’re at home, in the office, or traveling.
    • VERSATILE USE: Why stop at making your office days more relaxed? Use our footrest and keep your feet happy while watching TV or gaming. Make your hobbies even more relaxing with our unbelievably comfortable footstool. Put it under your knees while laying down and resting or flip it upside down and use it as a rocking footstool.
    • Great For Leg Length Discrepancies, Heel spurs, Heel Pain, Sports Injuries, and Achilles tendonitis
    • High quality rubber construction for Superb Heel Support
    • 2 removable 1/8" thick layers for optimum Heel lift customization
    • Durable and comfortable and work great for sports shoes and dress shoes
    • Instantly correct leg length discrepancies

    Adjustable Orthopedic Heel Lift

    Signature Lacrosse Massage Ball Set

    • MULTI-USE: Signature Lax balls are perfect as massage tools, balls for dogs, AND of course lacross
    • LACROSSE BALL: The #1 trusted ball in College Lacrosse. Official ball of the NLL.
    • HEALTH BENEFIT: Trigger point massage ball - Neck and Shoulder Massager - Therapy Ball - Deep Tissue
    • PET USES: Durable Tennis Balls for Dogs - Dog Balls for Large Dogs and Aggressive Chewers
    • QUALITY: Manufactured by Signature with Tough Grip Tech for Enhanced Grip. Highest Quality
    • Extensive range of programs - 8 tens and 6 numbers programs
    • Tens programs used for temporary pain relief
    • Numbers programs stimulate healthy muscles in order to facilitate and improve muscle performance

    Chattanooga Primera TENS/NMES

    Intelect 77600 Standard Dual Channel Unit

    • Dual independent channels
    • Adjustable timer
    • Adjustable frequency and pulse duration parameters
    • Feature three modes: burst, normal and modulation
    • Flip cover to protect top controls
    • Thera Cane is a trigger point massager
    • Treat painful knotted muscles on your own
    • Superior design, function and performance
    • Made in the USA the Thera Cane is 24”x15”x1”
    • Registered with the FDA for over 30 years

    Thera Cane Massager (Blue)

    Age- Defying Fitness Book

    • THERE IS NO DOUBT that our bodies change with age, as the baby boomer generation is now learning firsthand. But many of the problems attributed to inevitable age-related changes are in fact not inevitable and are often lifestyle induced and reversible.

      In this new book, Moffat and Lewis show how to overcome the aches, stiffness, and unsteadiness in your muscles and joints. Using their simple, self-administered tests, you will assess your level of physical performance in these five critical domains: posture, balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance. The authors help you develop a personal profile, according to the results of these tests. Easy-to-follow strengthening and stretching exercises, based on the latest clinical research, are included along with a Thera-Band ® resistive exercise band for use in some exercises.

      More than a simple how-to book, Age-Defying Fitness encourages you to take responsibility for your physical well-being, and offers an easy everyday approach to achieving better health
    • MUSCLE ROLLER STICK to ease and condition muscle soreness and aid recovery, reduce stiffness and pain before and after workouts, exercise, running and training. With regular use improve your strength, circulation and reduce risk of injury.
    • GREAT DESIGN - Made from high quality industrial strength materials and built to last a lifetime, with thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene handles for an ergonomic grip and 9 ABS independent rollers on steel rod core.
    • VERY PORTABLE - Only 17.5x1.5 inches(44cm/2.5=17.5inch) and 9 oz this is the ideal travel stick to take to the gym, before and after training, workouts and sports fields, fits into most kit bags easily, robust and water resistant.
    • Muscle Roller Sticks are recommended by physical & massage therapists and personnel trainers and used by thousands to enhance their workouts and physical exercise experience and recovery. Perfect for calves, hamstrings, back, glutes, quads, neck and shoulders.

    Muscle Roller Stick