What is HCLHIC and What can PT do for opioid abuse?

Do you know how what your local government in Howard County is doing to provide you more information and resources about: Access to Care? Healthy Aging? Behavioral Health? Healthy Weight? If no, please listen in as we have Ms. Kelly Kesler, Director of the Local Health Improvement Coalition (HCLHIC) as our guest of this “Collaboration Health Mindset” episode. Learn about coalition priorities and programs such as preparation for the future in terms of health and finances, and much more! Hear about the Opioid epidemic and ways Howard County is working through this crisis including how physical therapy can assist in mitigating the opioid epidemic. For more information, about HCLHIC, please visit their website www.hclhic.org in which AAA Physical Therapy is an active member. We hope that you, our beloved listeners, join HCLHIC too!

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