AAA Physical Therapy’s Collaboration Mindset for Health and Wellness: Business Coach = Business Health!

With AAA Physical Therapy’s guest collaborator for health and wellness, we have Mr. William Eric Linzey who is a certified business coach! Just like we are your “coaches” for physical therapy, business owners need to have their business coach too in order to focus on what is important to them! The health of the business is definitely based on the health of the owners hence a business coach is crucial! For example, we discussed the importance of teamwork. As a PT practice, we do focus on teamwork within our organization and with this podcast, we definitely cherish other individuals and teams that we collaborate and work with in our community! However, the best teammates that we work with are our PT patients! Another point that we discussed is how business owners should focus on alignment and this is not far off from physical therapists who focus on proper alignment too! So listen in to this edition of this podcast housed here at Howard Community College’s Dragon Digital Radio!

Listen to the program: Business Health = Business Coach Podcast

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