Great Teamwork is Necessary for success in Sports and in a Rehabilitation Clinic!

Almost two years ago, we
highlighted the great teamwork of the

San Antonio Spurs

displayed which
eventually lead to them being NBA Champions. Now the Golden State Warriors have
elevated their game that they are now the 2.0 Spurs.

With the “Me-First” mentality
displayed by most athletes; much more by superstar athletes, it is refreshing
to observe that a team is better than the composition of the same number of
individual talents. Seeing Steph Curry cheer on his own teammate; Klay Thompson,
to defeat him in

3-Point Contest during the NBA All-Star Game

was wonderful to
witness! Guess what though, you will see this actually in every game that the
Warriors play. Everyone is cheering for anyone who makes a great defensive or
offensive play. They could not care less who is the best player that game, who
creates headlines, who had great stats, and so on and so forth.

More than half of the starting 5 of the Warriors cheering on their team!

Every time a Warriors
player is interviewed, they never fail to mention on how great their chemistry
is, how great their camaraderie is, how great other players and coaches are,
and how much they appreciate their fans! They hardly highlight themselves with
these interviews.

Now, you can have great
camaraderie and all but it is quite futile if you do not win. As you may
already know, they are very close in matching or eclipsing the regular season
wins done two decades ago by my beloved Chicago Bulls headed by Michael Jordan,
Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman; and one of the great Head Coaches, Phil Jackson.
Witnessing how well they play on both offense and defense, I would actually be
proud if this Warriors team wins 72 or more this season. On offense, they share
the ball so well by making extra passes and do not play “hero ball” because
everyone is a hero. On defense; they communicate so well, hardly misses
defensive rotations, and run back to defend whether it is a turnover by one of
their teammates or a made basket.

As well as how they cheer
one another, here at AAA Physical Therapy, we want to go and have this “team”
mentality as we cheer on one another to make sure that our patients are very
much well taken care of in a personalized manner. Also, our team also
appreciates other extended team members such as Doctors, community members, and
other local organizations.

Since our last blog, our team
has grown and this is a great opportunity to emulate the Warriors and highlight
our team members. To know more about our staff members please go to

Again, we highlight that WE is greater than me!