Reflections on Grand Opening:

The saying “It takes a village…” is indeed such a true
statement to prepare and execute something grand as a Grand Opening. Given
that, all four partners of AAA Physical Therapy want to give thanks to multiple
people and organizations. With our philosophy of providing personalized
rehabilitation to our patients, this is only accomplished because of
outstanding support that we continue to have.

First, to our respective parents (whether they are with us
or who is watching from above) who have been patient and supportive of us,
thank you. It is very helpful for parents who were able to come prior the
clinic was completed to be there in the whole process, especially the ones who had to be awake
until 4 in the morning to help in completing things. And of course, they
helped so much in taking care of our younglings as one of their “duties” as

Second, we are thankful to our respective siblings and
relatives. Whether it is getting us and putting up art work to beautify the
clinic further, or providing guidance in all aspects of the business
(marketing, business, and etc.), or assisting us in other business and personal
aspects…we give our thanks to you!

Third, to our friends who provided their valuable time,
input, support, and other services that are just priceless. Thank you.

Fourth, to our speakers who provided meaningful and sincere
messages, grateful we are. For speakers who unfortunately were not able to come
due to a busy schedule, we also appreciate your support from the get go. Please
watch and listen to our speakers using this link:

Fifth, to our sponsors who helped us tremendously during the
Grand Opening, we are appreciative for all the support and making the event
very successful. Please see the sponsors here:

As successful as the event was, again, it took a village to
make this happen. Thank you everyone!

To those who wanted to attend yet missed the event, here are
other videos during AAA Physical Therapy Grand Opening:

CEO / Physical Therapist’s message –


Your AAA Physical Therapy Family

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