13 Geriatric Rehabilitation/Senior Physical Therapy Resources 

Top Physical Therapy websites for the elderly, seniors, older adults, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and aging people*! Remember, AAA PT accepts Medicare Insurance plans!

(AAA Physical Therapy collated all of these information about physical therapy for the elderly so we do not have to reinvent the wheel! Please learn accordingly but be aware that these are for informational purposes only so proceed with a critical mind!)

*We are still using the words “senior”, “elderly”, “older-adult” for they are the common words used but we are aware and sensitive to be politically correct!

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1. Medicare.gov

Being that outpatient physical therapy is covered by Medicare Part B, the focus is on preventive and other rehabilitation treatment that is deemed medically necessary.

Here is a simple explanation of your benefits for Medicare Part B.  
Please watch this video about Medicare and Physical Therapy.

Yes, AAA Physical Therapy in Columbia, Howard County, MD accepts Medicare and almost all secondary insurance plans!

2. CDC.gov

These are some of the guides and information about aging such as fallsheart diseasestrokeadult driving to avoid auto accidents, and physical activity and exercise to combat obesity and arthritis pain to name a few.

We can schedule your free fall-risk screen at AAA PT!

3. Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy

There are multiple and easy to read handouts such as preventing falls, osteoporosis, joint replacement and pre-operative rehabilitation, knee replacement, exercises, living independently, and much more!

If you are contemplating getting a surgery for your shoulder, hips, knees, feet, or any other joint, please contact us for a free 15 minute pre-screen!

4. National Council on Aging

You can subscribe to their newsletters and know more about healthy aging, exercise programsfalls prevention, and other information such as economic security and public policy and action.

We could develop a personalized and safe exercise program for you!

5. WebMD.com

A way to present complicated medical terms in a simple way like how they explained how Physical Therapy helps with arthritis, cancer pain, Parkinson’s, incontinence, and how Physiotherapy helps in improving your strength and endurance for the elderly.

WebMD also have information about preventive careliving well in retirementdiet and weight management, and much more which are all related to pain management and rehabilitation!

Living with pain? See what your dedicated physical therapists can do for you!

6. American Physical Therapy Association

This is the licensing body for physical therapy but there are good information to know about PT and aging.

For example, in the survey done in 2015, half of American adult population surveyed that they believe they will be independent and enable them the lifestyle that they have hoped for themselves while the other half are resigned that they will physically decline.

Whatever their belief system is, physical therapists (movement experts) should be able to assist and enable our aging population by providing an appropriate exercise regimen to improve muscle strength and physical function for anyone above 50 years old!

7. Agingcare.com

Aside from looking for an assisted living facility or adult medical daycare or in-home adult services; they also have other informative resources ranging from finances to looking for a cemetery.

However, they have useful information about geriatric rehabilitation such as hip replacement surgery and recovery,  Medicare informationmobility and falls information, and other information about aging!

8. Seniorliving.org

Another website to search information about adult independence to nursing homes and memory care, they also have information about what 65 years old and older need to know before undergoing surgery.

They also have an article about aging wellbest senior blogs, and much.

9. Eldergym.com

A website created by a physical therapist for seniors or elderly with interesting blogsthere are exercises specifically identified for the older adult populationAAA Physical Therapy also have videos for these exercises so please check them out too!

Again, we cannot emphasize enough of the importance of physical activity for the aging population and how your geriatric exercises by guided by your dedicated physical therapists!

10. Internatioanalcaregiver.com

With plenty of other geriatric information especially being featured in many blog awards for seniors or elderly, one of the important articles they have is about the 8 benefits of physical therapy on senior health.

In addition, there is a list of other resources about senior care or geriatric care.

If you want to know more on how physiotherapy to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle, please contact us at 443.979.7171 and we are conveniently located in Columbia, MD!

If you want to know more on how physiotherapy to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle, please contact us at 443.979.7171 and we are conveniently located in Columbia, MD!


11. Nursingassistantguides.com

 Aside from multiple blogs about aging, they also provided other helpful senior living sites as well!

12. Eldercareabcblogs.com

Though dedicated for senior caregivers, this website has multiple geriatric rehabilitation blogs.

13. Top 50 Aging Blogs

This website provides other senior or geriatric blogs out there.

Bonus: As AAA Physical Therapy is active in Columbia, Howard County, MD community, we are also members of Local Health Improvement Coalition especially in healthy aging! Feel free to know more about local geriatric resources! Remember, we do accept Medicare and most private insurance plans!